School Tours

School tour payments should be made to The School Tour Company using the following website address:

Florence 2018 Saturday 24th March to Tuesday 27th March 

The cost of this tour is €610.  Student wishing to go on the School Tour must have their deposit paid by June 16th.  This deposit is a non-refundable payment of €200.  All must be made to The School Tour Company using this link   


You will be asked for the following information: 

Name as it appears on the passport of the student


Group Reference:  1313535

School Name

Destination: Florence

Teacher Name : Ms E Kinsella 

Please make sure these details are filled out correctly.   


Further instalments will need to be paid by the following dates:

October 2nd 2017  €100

November 30th 2017 €150

February 2nd 2018 €160 

Payment of any amount can be made throughout the year these are guideline dates for the payments.