Parents’ Council

Meeting Report

3 December 2018


John McGinnity, Louise Evans, Mai Fanning, Patricia Delaney, Iris Johnston, Lorenia Gil, Aideen Buckley, Edel Cullen.


Angela Burke, Teresa Doyle, Ellen Lordan (Teachers Rep.), Liam Gaynor, Annette Cahalane

November minutes approved.

Flower Arranging Demonstration

The Council finalised arrangements for the event on Thursday, 6 December. The Council were very appreciative of the support of Rosaleen’s Flowers in hosting the event. A reminder text will be sent out from the school.

Christmas Events and Prizes

A discussion around the best format for the Christmas lunch took place. The suggestion was made to include other groups in the school, such as the Prefects’ Council and Meitheal leaders. The Council will donate one prize per year group to the winner of the Christmas stocking competition.

School Planning Group

Aideen Buckley updated the Council on the work of the School Planning Group. At present, the group is looking at the Code of Behaviour, focusing on ways in which to further promote positive behaviour. Meetings take place each Friday and parents are most welcome.

Green School Programme

Mr. Mc Ginnity distributed a document which had been prepared by Ms. Culleton, Green School Co-ordinator in the school. The document outlined our plans for 2019 and invited parental participation. Ms. Culleton supplied her e-mail address and asked for interested parents to contact her directly with their views/opinions. A discussion around walking/cycling and the weight of school bags followed.


Congratulations were extended to our Chairperson, Mai Fanning who was recently nominated as Vice Chairperson to the National Parents’ Council for Post Primary Schools.

The next meeting will take place on Monday, 7 January 2019.

Meeting Report

5 November 2018


Louise Evans, Iris Johnston, Patricia Delaney, Aideen Buckley, Edel Cullen, Liam Gaynor, Annette Cahalane, Ellen Lordan (teacher representative), John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal).


Mai Fanning (Chairperson).

In the absence of the Chairperson, Mr. Mc Ginnity chaired the meeting, with the agreement of those present.

September minutes approved.

Election of new officers

The parents listed below will take on the following roles with the Parents’ Council next year:

Chairperson: Mai Fanning (proposed by Iris Johnston and seconded by Louise Evans)

Treasurer: Liam Gaynor (proposed by Louise Evans and seconded by Annette Cahalane)

Secretary: Louise Evans (proposed by Iris Johnson and seconded by Aideen Buckley)

Vice- Chair: Aideen Buckley (proposed by Patricia Delaney and seconded by Annette Cahalane).

Forthcoming Events

The flower arranging will take place on Thursday, 6 December. Arrangements for the event were discussed.

The Christmas baking competition worked very well last year and it was agreed that it should go ahead this year also. The Parents’ Council will sponsor a prize for each year group.

School Update

Mr. Mc Ginnity updated those present on events held in the school recently. He mentioned the following;

  • Internet Safety talk for first year students
  • Study Skills seminars for second and fifth year students
  • Transition Year trips
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Mental Health event for sixth year students, held in the Spiegel tent.
  • The work of the School Planning Group and the upcoming review of the mobile phone policy.

With regard to the new school, Mr. Mc Ginnity spoke about ongoing work on the GAA pitch and minor works inside the building, most of which were completed over the midterm. The school hopes to hold an open morning in due course.


Water Fountains: Louise Evans enquire about the water fountains. Mr. Mc Ginnity explained that nearly all of the taps on the water fountains had been replaced with ‘bottle-friendly’ taps over the mid-term and are now much more suitable for use.

Traffic: There was a discussion around traffic and road safety in the area. Many members expressed concerns about the lack of pedestrian crossings at the roundabouts outside the school grounds. Mr. Mc Ginnity explained that County Council officials had observed the traffic over a number of weeks in September. The issue of pedestrian crossings had also been flagged in 2017 when a travel plan was submitted to the authorities. Mr. Mc Ginnity said that he would ask Class Teachers to remind students, particularly in junior years, to be careful in the winter months.

School Mass: The Mass went very well and the Council were happy that Clonard Church was able to facilitate the event.

Next Meeting

Monday, 3 December 2018, at 18.30.

Parents’ Association AGM – Meeting Report

1 October 2018

Chairpersons’ Address

Mai Fanning welcomed those present to the school, thanking them for taking the time to attend. She outlined the importance of the Parents’ Council and spoke about some of the events that the Council were involved in last year.

Finance Report

Liam Gaynor, Treasurer, presented an income and expenditure report for the school year 2017/18.

Guest Speaker

Brendan Dennehy, creator of The Fatherhood Programme, addressed the audience on the topic of fatherhood and wellbeing. He spoke about the importance of authentic engagement between families and the need for strong relationships between fathers and their sons/daughters. His contribution was well received and he answered some questions afterwards.

Close of AGM

Mai Fanning concluded proceedings by thanking Mr. Dennehy, members of the Parents’ Council and the parents who had taken the time to attend.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday, 5 November, at 18.30.

Meeting Report

3 September 2018


Mai Fanning (Chairperson), John McGinnity (Deputy Principal), Joanne Beaver (Vice Chair), Theresa Doyle, Louise Evans, Aideen Buckley and Iris Johnson.

Apologies were received from Tara Little, Liam Gaynor, Annette Cahalane and Mary O’ Leary.

May minutes approved.


The AGM takes place on Monday, 24 September at 19.00. Arrangements for the event were discussed and agreed upon.

Vacant Positions

Mary O’ Leary and Joanne Beaver will be stepping down from the Parents’ Council as their daughters have now completed their time in Loreto. Those present discussed the need for parental representation from each year group. Parents will be informed, via the website, of the AGM.


Members updated their contact details for the year ahead.

New School

Mr. Mc Ginnity updated those present on the new building, outlining some of the difficulties encountered over the summer and updating them on minor works that have yet to be completed.

Events Calendar for the year ahead

The calendar of events for the year ahead was discussed.


There was a discussion around the topic of cyber-bullying. Louise Evans will explore the possibility of organising a speaker. Mr. McGinnity informed the group that all first years will attend a workshop on internet safety in October. A talk for parents will also be provided.

The Council wished to acknowledge the work of Mr. O’ Shea, Ms. O’ Reilly, Mr. McGinnity and all other staff who helped get the school ready to receive students in August.

Next Meeting

The AGM takes place on Monday, 24 September. The next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday, 1 October at 18.30.

Meeting Report

14 May 2018 


Mai Fanning – Chairperson, Joanne Beaver Vice-Chair, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Fintan Kavanagh (Teacher Representative), Liam Gaynor (Treasurer), Tara Little, Iris Johnson, Theresa Doyle.


Louise Evans, Angela Bourke, Elvira Doyle

February minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Liam Gaynor presented a financial update.

Easter Raffle Report

The Easter raffle was very successful. By distributing the cards directly to the students in the foyer, there was a much greater level of participation. The Council has purchased an additional three George Forman sandwich toasters. They have been installed in the lunchroom.

Prize Giving

This event will take place on Monday, 21 May at 13:30 in Rowe Street. The Parents’ Council will sponsor the sports prize. Mai will speak to the organiser, Ms. Griffin. Arrangements for Parents’ Council representation at the ceremony were decided upon.

State Exams – First Day

Mai Fanning and Joanne Beaver will purchase water and flapjacks, for distribution in the foyer on the first day of the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams.

Book Sale

The second-hand book sale will take place on Saturday, 23 June. The arrangements for the event were discussed. Mr. Mc Ginnity will verify some details with Mr. O’ Shea and report back to Mai.


The school is continuing to extend their Wellbeing programme at junior cycle from 300 to 400 hours. Mr. Mc Ginnity informed the Council of the details of the programme. He asked members for their feedback, with the topic to be examined in more detail next year. A brief discussion followed. The move to the new school should provide further opportunities in this regard. Yoga, gardening, a reading class and an extra PE class were among some of the suggestions.


  • Mr. Mc Ginnity updated those present on the new school building. Mr O’ Shea will attend a meeting in Tullamore on Wednesday, 16 May. Contingency plans are currently being considered.
  • Mai spoke about her involvement with the HPV Vaccination on behalf of the National Parents’ Council (Post-Primary) and was interested to get feedback re the vaccination for boys.

As this was the final meeting of the year, members were thanked for their contribution over the course of the year.

Meeting Report

5 February 2018 


Mai Fanning, Aideen Buckley, Theresa Doyle, Tara Little, Angela Bourke, Iris Johnston, Fintan Kavanagh (teacher representative), Liam Gaynor, Mary O’ Leary, Louise Evans, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal)


Annette Cahalane, Avril Fennin, Elvira Doyle, Joanne Beaver.

January minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Liam Gaynor presented a financial update.

Easter Raffle

This event will take place on Friday, 23 March. A discussion around organising the event took place. Mai will prepare the necessary resources and bring them to the next meeting. 

Move to the new school

Mc Ginnity updated the Council on the current situation regarding the move to the new school building. He informed them that Mr O’ Shea would post a letter to families on the school website this week. 

NPCPP (National Parents’ Council Post-Primary) Affilliation

There was a comprehensive discussion around the benefits of being affiliated with the NPCPP. Mai Fanning will follow up on the matter further. 

HPV Vaccines: HIQA (Health Information and Quality Authority) Board

Mai Fanning informed those present that she is currently on the board of HIQA. As a result, she asked the Council members to contact her if they had any feedback regarding the HPV vaccines. At present, the board is looking at the rollout of the vaccine to boys. 


  • Library: Following on from last month’s meeting, Iris Johnston informed the Council that she had spoken to a member of Wexford library who would be willing to help with the establishment of our new library.
  • Bus Éireann: By way of follow-up, Mr. Mc Ginnity confirmed that the school was in contact with Bus Éireann regarding the move to the new school.
  • Fundraising: Liam Gaynor requested that a proportion of the next meeting be dedicated to fundraising ideas for the Parents’ Council.

Next meeting: Monday, 5 March, at 6.30pm in the school.

Meeting Report

8 January 2018


Theresa Doyle, Louise Evans, Angela Bourke, Iris Johnston, Mai Fanning, Aideen Buckley, Joanne Beaver, Fintan Kavanagh (teacher representative), John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal).


Mary O’ Leary, Avril Fennin, Tara Little.

December minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer unable to attend the meeting.

Report on Christmas events

The Student Council lunch went very well. Mai Fanning revisited the idea of expanding the lunch next year to include other groups in the school, such as those involved with Meitheal. Louise Evans had suggested this at a previous meeting, and it was agreed to consider the issue again at the start of the next school year.

Christmas cake competition

Feedback on this event was very positive. The consensus was that it was more successful than the Christmas card competition, which took place the previous year.

Upcoming events

Mr. Mc Ginnity updated the Council on the move to the new school, giving an indicative timeframe.

School Library

A discussion around how best to stock and run our new library took place. Iris Johnston made some suggestions as to how books could be sourced, and will make some further enquiries. Mr. Mc Ginnity informed the members present that the school had established a Library committee, which will work with all of the school community to establish a fully stocked library over time.

School Planning Group

Mr. Mc Ginnity distributed a document, prepared by Mr. O’ Shea, outlining proposed changes to the curriculum for first year students starting school from September 2018. He highlighted the main points of note, namely the proposed introduction of Technology, Technical Graphics and the introduction of option bands into first year. A discussion around the document took place.


  • Theresa Doyle enquired about informing the school transport providers of the move to the new school. Mr. Mc Ginnity will contact Bus Éireann, schools division, when more details are available.
  •  Mai Fanning updated the Council on the progress of the wall hanging project.

Next meeting: Monday, 5 February, at 6.30 in the new school.

Meeting Report

4 December 2017


Mai Fanning, Mary O’Leary, Liam Gaynor, Angela Bourke, Tara Little, Louise Evans, Annette Cahalane, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal)


Iris Johnston, Teresa Doyle, Joanne Beaver, Elvira Doyle, Fintan Kavanagh

November minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Liam Gaynor presented a financial report to the Council.

Flower Arranging

There was a discussion around the recent flower-arranging event. It was advertised in local media and on posters in the area. A text was also sent. However, in the past, flyers were distributed to students in the foyer. It was felt that this might be a better way to advertise any future events.

Christmas Lunch

This will take place on the 18th of December. Arrangements were discussed.

Christmas Competition

Ms. Kennedy is coordinating the Christmas cake decoration competition. The Council will contribute to the prizes.

School Musical

Mr. Mc Ginnity thanked the members of the Council for all their help with the school musical.

School Library

Mr. Mc Ginnity informed the Council about the library in the new school. A Library committee has been established to look at ways of stocking the library. He asked those present for suggestions as to how books could be sourced. A discussion followed, with an agreement to revisit the topic at the next meeting.


Mr. Mc Ginnity invited members of the Council to arrive a little earlier for the next meeting so that they may have the opportunity to see around the new school building.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Monday, 8th January 2018 at 6.30, in the new school.

Meeting Report

6 November 2017


Mai Fanning, Liam Gaynor, Iris Johnston, Louise Evans, Elvira Doyle, Aideen Buckley, Mary O’Leary, Angela Bourke, Joanne Beaver, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Fintan Kavanagh (teacher rep).


Annette Cahalane, Theresa Doyle, Berni Leahy.

October minutes approved.

Wall hanging project

A timetable for visiting relevant classes was agreed. Members of the Council volunteered their time to help conclude the project.

Student Council Christmas lunch

The date for the lunch is fixed for the 18th of December. The Council discussed opening up this event to members of the Meitheal programme and the Prefects. It was agreed to proceed as normal this year and review the event before next year.

Flower arranging event

Proposed to hold this function in the school on Thursday, 23rd November. Members suggested various means of publicising the event. Mai to follow up on these.

School Planning Group

Mr. Mc Ginnity updated the Council on the work of the school planning group, which meet every Friday at 1.30. The current area of discussion is Junior Cycle reform and the potential introduction of new subjects to the school curriculum. A discussion around the new Junior Cycle followed.


Garda vetting

The Council discussed the potential need for members to be Garda vetted. It was agreed to examine the issue further at a later stage.

School Musical

Mr. Mc Ginnity requested the assistance of the Council in helping with the school musical, scheduled to take place from the 4th to the 7th of December. As a result, the Council will help sell tickets between 3 and 5pm in the Dun Mhuire theatre on the 29th and 30th of November and the 1st of December. Members also agreed to help organise spot prizes, where possible.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Council will take place on Monday, 4th December, at 18.30.

Meeting Report 

 2 October 2017 


Mai Fanning, Liam Gaynor, Iris Johnston, Theresa Doyle, Louise Evans, Tara Little, Elvira Doyle, Berni Leahy, Aideen Buckley, Mary O’Leary, Angela Bourke, Joanne Beaver, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Fintan Kavanagh (teacher rep).


Annette Cahalane, Joanne Cullimore.


Officers for the year were elected.

  • Chairperson: Mai Fanning
  • Vice-chairperson: Joanne Beaver
  • Secretary: Mary O’Leary
  • Treasurer: Liam Gaynor.


September minutes approved.

Feedback from AGM

It was felt that the AGM was more successful than last year and that there were some good ideas from those present, particularly the discussion around second-hand uniforms. The Council discussed this further.

Wall hanging project

Mai updated the Council on the wall hanging project for the new school. A discussion took place as to where the finished article will be placed. Mai to explore further details regarding fire regulations etc in new building, and organise to speak to students.

Flower arranging event

Mai is awaiting a reply from the florists and will update at the next meeting.

School planning group

Mai updated the Council on the work of the School Planning Group. She informed them about the discussion on report cards, the fact that reports can now be printed from as far back as 2014. She also encouraged others to attend where possible. Joanne Beaver and Mary O’Leary have also attended these meetings and reiterated how useful they are.


Theresa Doyle brought up the issue of some buses leaving from Hill Street at 4.10/4.15. This has resulted in some first years missing the bus on Monday and Tuesday when school finishes at 4.00. Mr Mc Ginnity will speak to first years regarding this.

Iris Johnston suggested extending the Student/Parents’ Council lunch to include Meitheal leaders. This will be discussed further.

Parents’ Association AGM

Monday, 25 September 2017

  • Mai Fanning (Chairperson) welcomed everyone to the AGM
  • Mary O’ Leary gave the Treasurer’s Report, outlining expenditure for the school year 2016/17.
  • Report proposed by Liam Gaynor, seconded by Tara Little.
  • Mai delivered a presentation to those present, outlining the role and aims of the Parents’ Council.
  • She outlined the position of the Parents’ Association at a national level, with the Association being part of Fed-CSSPA (Federation of Catholic Secondary Schools) and the NPCPP (National Parents’ Council Post Primary). Mai explained the roles of these organisations.
  • A summary of events carried out last year was provided.
  • Annette Cahalane was congratulated on her election to the Board of Management.
  • As part of a general discussion, attendees suggested ideas for events that the Parents’ Council might look to set-up.
  • John McGinnity (Deputy Principal) thanked the Council for their work and encouraged others to get involved. He updated the meeting on various items related to the school and reminded parents to check the website often for updates. He also undertook to check that the Parents’ Council e-mail address is working.
  • Mai concluded by thanking those in attendance for their time and encouraged anyone interested in joining the Council to leave their contact details.

Meeting Report

4 September 2017


Mai Fanning (Chairperson), Joanne Beaver, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Angela Burke, Iris Johnston, Liam Gaynor, Tara Little, Annette Cahalane, Theresa C Doyle, Joanne Cullimore, Aideen Buckley, Mary O’Leary.


Members were welcomed back to the new academic year.

Role of the Parents’ Council

A handout on the role of the Parents’ Council was discussed. This provided an overview of the special responsibilities that the elected officers would have for the year.

Officers for the year ahead

Joanne Cullimore was appointed as secretary. Remaining positions to be filled at AGM.

Position on Board of Management

Mai Fanning informed the Council that there was a vacant position on the Board of Management following the retirement of a parents’ representative. She outlined the procedures and the deadline for nominations.

AGM and calendar of events

The AGM is scheduled to take place on Monday 25th September. The Council discussed their plans for the AGM and other events. Mr. Mc Ginnity reiterated that the school is committed to the Parents’ Council and offered to support the overall work of the Council as needed. The dates and time of all Parents’ Council meetings are on the calendar, available online.

Parental Involvement

There was a discussion about how to involve more parents in the Council. Members were encouraged to invite other parents they knew. It was stressed that representation from each year group is crucial. It was felt that the move to the new school and the schools’ growing population might help to get more involved. The Council discussed the need to communicate all activities early and clearly in order to encourage stronger parental involvement. This will be considered further at the next meeting.

First Year parents’ social evening

The Council discussed the timing of this event. It normally takes place in October. After a discussion it was felt that it may be better later in the year, as students will have had more time to settle in and it would be good to have it in the new building.

School planning group

Mai reminded the Council that the School planning group meet every Friday at 1.30 in the school. She invited all members to attend where possible. It is made up of staff, students and parents representatives.


Mr. Mc Ginnity updated the Council on a number of items including the vacancy on the BOM, the school planning group, and the new building. He also confirmed that there would be a teacher representative on the Council at the next meeting. This will be Mr. F. Kavanagh.

Next meeting

The AGM will be held on the 25th September with the next Parents’ Council meeting on Monday 2nd October at 6.30.