Parents’ Council

Meeting Report 

Monday, 2 October 2017 


Mai Fanning, Liam Gaynor, Iris Johnston, Theresa Doyle, Louise Evans, Tara Little, Elvira Doyle, Berni Leahy, Aideen Buckley, Mary O’Leary, Angela Bourke, Joanne Beaver, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Fintan Kavanagh (teacher rep).


Annette Cahalane, Joanne Cullimore.


Officers for the year were elected.

  • Chairperson: Mai Fanning
  • Vice-chairperson: Joanne Beaver
  • Secretary: Mary O’Leary
  • Treasurer: Liam Gaynor.


September minutes approved.

Feedback from AGM

It was felt that the AGM was more successful than last year and that there were some good ideas from those present, particularly the discussion around second-hand uniforms. The Council discussed this further.

Wall hanging project

Mai updated the Council on the wall hanging project for the new school. A discussion took place as to where the finished article will be placed. Mai to explore further details regarding fire regulations etc in new building, and organise to speak to students.

Flower arranging event

Mai is awaiting a reply from the florists and will update at the next meeting.

School planning group

Mai updated the Council on the work of the School Planning Group. She informed them about the discussion on report cards, the fact that reports can now be printed from as far back as 2014. She also encouraged others to attend where possible. Joanne Beaver and Mary O’Leary have also attended these meetings and reiterated how useful they are.


Theresa Doyle brought up the issue of some buses leaving from Hill Street at 4.10/4.15. This has resulted in some first years missing the bus on Monday and Tuesday when school finishes at 4.00. Mr Mc Ginnity will speak to first years regarding this.

Iris Johnston suggested extending the Student/Parents’ Council lunch to include Meitheal leaders. This will be discussed further.


Parents’ Association AGM

Monday, 25 September 2017

  • Mai Fanning (Chairperson) welcomed everyone to the AGM
  • Mary O’ Leary gave the Treasurer’s Report, outlining expenditure for the school year 2016/17.
  • Report proposed by Liam Gaynor, seconded by Tara Little.
  • Mai delivered a presentation to those present, outlining the role and aims of the Parents’ Council.
  • She outlined the position of the Parents’ Association at a national level, with the Association being part of Fed-CSSPA (Federation of Catholic Secondary Schools) and the NPCPP (National Parents’ Council Post Primary). Mai explained the roles of these organisations.
  • A summary of events carried out last year was provided.
  • Annette Cahalane was congratulated on her election to the Board of Management.
  • As part of a general discussion, attendees suggested ideas for events that the Parents’ Council might look to set-up.
  • John McGinnity (Deputy Principal) thanked the Council for their work and encouraged others to get involved. He updated the meeting on various items related to the school and reminded parents to check the website often for updates. He also undertook to check that the Parents’ Council e-mail address is working.
  • Mai concluded by thanking those in attendance for their time and encouraged anyone interested in joining the Council to leave their contact details.


Meeting Report

4 September 2017


Mai Fanning (Chairperson), Joanne Beaver, John Mc Ginnity (Deputy Principal), Angela Burke, Iris Johnston, Liam Gaynor, Tara Little, Annette Cahalane, Theresa C Doyle, Joanne Cullimore, Aideen Buckley, Mary O’Leary.


Members were welcomed back to the new academic year.

Role of the Parents’ Council

A handout on the role of the Parents’ Council was discussed. This provided an overview of the special responsibilities that the elected officers would have for the year.

Officers for the year ahead

Joanne Cullimore was appointed as secretary. Remaining positions to be filled at AGM.

Position on Board of Management

Mai Fanning informed the Council that there was a vacant position on the Board of Management following the retirement of a parents’ representative. She outlined the procedures and the deadline for nominations.

AGM and calendar of events

The AGM is scheduled to take place on Monday 25th September. The Council discussed their plans for the AGM and other events. Mr. Mc Ginnity reiterated that the school is committed to the Parents’ Council and offered to support the overall work of the Council as needed. The dates and time of all Parents’ Council meetings are on the calendar, available online.

Parental Involvement

There was a discussion about how to involve more parents in the Council. Members were encouraged to invite other parents they knew. It was stressed that representation from each year group is crucial. It was felt that the move to the new school and the schools’ growing population might help to get more involved. The Council discussed the need to communicate all activities early and clearly in order to encourage stronger parental involvement. This will be considered further at the next meeting.

First Year parents’ social evening

The Council discussed the timing of this event. It normally takes place in October. After a discussion it was felt that it may be better later in the year, as students will have had more time to settle in and it would be good to have it in the new building.

School planning group

Mai reminded the Council that the School planning group meet every Friday at 1.30 in the school. She invited all members to attend where possible. It is made up of staff, students and parents representatives.


Mr. Mc Ginnity updated the Council on a number of items including the vacancy on the BOM, the school planning group, and the new building. He also confirmed that there would be a teacher representative on the Council at the next meeting. This will be Mr. F. Kavanagh.

Next meeting

The AGM will be held on the 25th September with the next Parents’ Council meeting on Monday 2nd October at 6.30.