Parents’ Council

Meeting Report

14 November 2016


Liam Gaynor, Mai Fanning, Mary O’Leary, Annette Cahalane, Theresa C. Doyle, Orla Gallagher, Ms. M. Jordan (teacher rep.)

October Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report

Balance of €1,069 in the bank.

NPCPP Conference 

Mai attended this year’s conference in Tullamore. There were many talks. Mai attended a talk on the role of fathers in their child’s education and in their daughters lives. Mai suggests it might be worth thinking about organising a workshop on the topic in conjunction with St Peter’s College. The speaker was Brendan Dennehy.

Mai also brought back a lot of Barnardos literature aimed at parents mostly but also some information that may be of interest to the Teachers. Michelle Jordan took the information relevant to the teachers.

Garda Vetting 

Following on from the recent Industrial action we, the Parents Council, are encouraging all P.C members to get Garda Vetted, in case of further industrial action in the future.

It has been suggested that as a matter of course all future members of the P.C should get Garda Vetting as we all have access to the school.

Cake Decoration Evening 

Our cake deco evening will be held on Thursday, 24 November.

Mai has printed posters which are available to anyone to advertise our fund raising evening.

Orla and Liam will do the Front Door on the night.

All members to be there at 6pm or as early as possible on the night.

Orla to contact helpers to see if they assist on the night also.

Mai will buy the supplies and all members are encouraged to bring cakes/biscuits on the night for the Teas and Coffees being served during the interval.

Orla and Annette to take photos on the night. Mai to organise a text from the school to go out to all parents.

Christmas Decoration Competition 

A Christmas decoration competition takes place among the students each year. The P.C. sponsors prizes for the event. A €10 prize for the winner from each year and an overall prize of €50 for the overall winner. Total cost of €110.

School Planning

Siobhan and Tracey from the school planning committee addressed our meeting. They are looking for our thoughts and suggestions for the School Improvement Plan. It was suggested that the P.C. pay particular attention to the section on “grinds” and Parent/Teacher meetings.


Michelle Jordan thanked the P.C. for the donation of the flowers for the Mass for the 150th Celebration.

Student Christmas lunch organised by the P.C. will be on 19 December.

Next meeting Monday, 5 December 2016 at 6.30pm.


Meeting Report

10 October 2016

September Minutes approved.

Election of Officers 


Joanne Beaver proposed Mai Fanning and Lucy Carthy 2nd. No one else put forward therefore Mai Fanning duly elected.

Vice Chairperson:

Joanne Beaver proposed by Mai Fanning and Mary O’ Leary 2nd. No one else put forward therefore Joanne Beaver duly elected.


Orla Gallagher proposed by Mary O’ Leary and Annette Cahalane 2nd. No one else put forward therefore Mary O Leary duly elected.


Mary O Leary proposed Orla Gallagher and Tara Little 2nd. No one else put forward therefore Orla Gallagher duly elected.

All Officers have already served 1yr on the committee. There has been no change to the officials from last year, a maximum term of 3yrs may be served.

Treasurer’s Report

A donation of €150 was made by the parent’s council to the flowers for the 150th Mass celebration. Slaney Flowers did a fantastic job with the budget we had.

We also helped with the teas and coffees on the Nostalgia Day, also as part of the 150th Loreto celebration.


Our Special Guest Speaker on the night was Ray Cullen from Talk TO Tom. He was excellent on the night and we received a lot of positive feedback on the night. He asked for no fee for his services so we made a donation of €200 to Live and Learn…a charity of which he is CEO. Some parents have contacted him to say they are interested in doing some of the courses he offers.

Mai asked for suggestions as to how we could get more people interested in attending the AGM…some suggestions made were

  • Hold the AGM in October not September as people are only getting back into the school year.
  • Hold the AGM after the 1st year Cheese and Wine Evening as we could advertise it on this night and try and get more 1st year parents interested.
  • Theresa suggested that we hold the BOM elections on the night of the AGM as more people use to come when the elections were held.

It was been suggested to make an appointment with Mr. O’ Shea to discuss the procedure for the notification of the election of parents to the BOM.

Cheese and Wine Evening 

The 1st yr cheese and wine evening is being held on Tuesday, 11 Oct.

Orla, Mai, Joanne and Annette will be attending on the night. 

Cake Decoration Evening 

Our cake deco evening will be held on Thursday, 24 Nov. Mai will print off the flyers and send tickets home with students.


A Petty cash box is needed for all the bits and pieces needed for quilting! Everyone in agreement.


With regard to the Careers Night held in the Talbot Hotel for 5th and 6th year students, Lucy Carthy would like to thank Barbara Foley and the Careers Teachers for the tremendous work on a successful night which was of great benefit to the girls.

Mai would like to thank Tara for her input with Special Needs work for the NPC. Tara’s work was acknowledged by the NPC.

Next meeting: Monday, 14 November.


Meeting Report 

13 September 2016

May minutes approved.


Sister Carmel sent thank you cards to members of the Parents Council in thanks for the present we presented to her on her leaving the school.

Careers Night

Careers Night organised by the school is been held on Thursday, 6 October in the Talbot Hotel. Mai has sent an email to careers teachers Lorraine and Catriona asking if they need any help from the Parents’ Council on the evening.

Update on Calendar & Quilt

The design has been finalised for the calendar, however the Parents’ Council cannot fund it solely, but Mr. O’Shea has offered financial assistance. If we go ahead with it, Mr. O’Shea would like us to defer the launch until after the official launch of the commemorative Loreto School Book. The calendar will sell for approx. €20. We will decide later in the year whether to go ahead with it and need to see if there will be a market for it as the cost is a consideration. The cost for the production of the calendar is approx. €3,800 and we have need to look for a sponsor.

We will find out shorty about fire regulations for the new school which will impact on the type of mount we use on the quilt and it may need to have a glass covering. The 6th year girls will need to have their quilting squares ready by mid-term. The other years will roll out after that. Mary and Joanne are co-ordinating all the works on the quilts but will need more help from council members with school visits.

Calendar of Events 

All school and parent council events are available on the school yearly calendar. 


Our AGM will be held in the school on Monday, 19 September. Ray Cullen the CEO of Talk to Tom will speak directly after business is concluded. Letter has gone out to all families in this regard.

Cheese and Wine 

The cheese and wine evening for the parents of first year students will be held on 11 October in the school.


26 September …next meeting… We will discuss the Cake Decoration fundraiser in November.

After Christmas it is proposed to meet on the first Monday of every month. 


Click here to download the Parents’ Council Newsletter 2015/2016